Aerogips in Modena

The insulation panel, composed of an Aerogel-based nano-technological insulator paired with a high-density gypsum sheet, is the protagonist of the recovery of a civil dwelling in an apartment block that dates back to the 1950s.


The civil dwelling, protagonist of this recovery project, is located in Modena inside an apartment block, which was built in the 1950s.
The necessity to significantly improve the thermal insulation inside the apartment clashed with the impossibility of creating an external insulation system and the risk of having to sacrifice the internal living spaces by using “traditional” insulation panels.

The installation of Aerogips

The client decided to rely on the high technical and performance characteristics guaranteed by the Aerogips panel in very little space and, therefore, the best thermal insulation possible without losing the living spaces.

All the external walls were, thus, insulated with Aerogips panels, which proved to be crucial especially in the lower parts of the windows: a very important source of thermal dispersion and impossible to insulate with “traditional” materials.

The Aerogips panels were installed by preventive laying of traditional adhesives. The adhesive was applied both on the wall and the panel with a spatula. Successively, the panel was attached to the wall, knocking it to favor proper adhesion, and then mechanically fastened.


Aerogips is a panel designed for the internal thermal insulation of building structures which require the maximum level of insulation in the least possible space. Aerogips is a high-performance insulation panel made up of an Aerogel-based nano-technological insulator paired with a high-density gypsum sheet for excellent heat-acoustic comfort.

Aerogips has been designed for the energy requalification, recovery and restructuring of existing buildings where internal projects have to be performed while safeguarding spaces. It also permits designing new walls in all those buildings where dry systems and lightweight walls are used.

Aerogips is suitable for both vertical partitions and for false ceilings. With a thickness of only 20 mm and heat conductivity of 0.015 W/mK, Aerogips permits reducing energy dispersion and recovering space in residential and commercial building applications. Aerogips uses coated plaster panels with a thickness of 9.5 mm and is available in different thicknesses and dimensions. It is also available in different technical variants: standard, with vapor barrier, water repellent, water repellent with vapor barrier. Aerogips is the perfect product for interior restructuring, building recovery and historical buildings subject to architectural constraints and wherever greater living comfort is required, thereby significantly reducing installation times and costs.