Aerogips in Modena

An apartment block that dates back to the 80s. We chose Aerogips for the improvement of the energetic performance of the building and the internal comfort of an apartment under renovation.


We are in Villanova, in the province of Modena.

The protagonist of this article is an apartment inside an apartment block built in the 80s.

The external walls were made with simple Poroton perforated bricks with a thickness of 20cm and exposed brickwork. As usual during that period, no type of thermal insulation was installed in the external walls.

Due to the presence of exposed bricks, the application of an external insulation coat was immediately excluded.

We, then, opted for an Aerogips internal insulation coat, the insulation panel made with Aerogel paired with a high-density plaster slab.

The improvement of the energy performance

Thanks to Aerogips, it was possible to obtain a clear improvement of the energy performance and internal comfort of the building. This has also enabled us to significantly reduce the polluting emissions and favor a greener environmental impact.

Aerogips is a panel characterized by its minimum thickness – 10mm of Aerogel insulant + 10cm of plasterboard slab – and a high insulating power.

This extraordinary characteristic has allowed us to create an internal insulation system without having to sacrifice precious internal living space.