Aeropan in Bologna

The energy efficiency project of a 9-storey building in the historical center of the city are being carried out through the thermal insulation of the building envelope. Aeropan has been chosen for the thermal insulation of balconies, loggias, and of the roof of the porches. Minimum space, maximum insulation


The protagonist of this article is located in Bologna, in the historical center of the city.

The agency Ahrcos Srl located in Bologna is carrying out the energy efficiency project, designed by the BBP Ingegneria Srl studio, located in Bologna. The main interventions of the project will focus on the thermal insulation of the building envelope, the replacement of the winter air conditioning system and the installation of a photovoltaic system.

The building

The 9-storey building, built in the 60s, is characterized by the tall porches, which allow pedestrians to enter the shops on the ground floor, and its clinker facades. Being located in the historical center, the building is subject to an architectural constraint: the façade must remain visually unchanged, and the exposed brickwork must be preserved.

The intervention

The energy efficiency project for the facades of the building, the creation of a thermal coat, the installation of a photovoltaic system on the roof and the substitution of the winter air conditioning system in the basement room.

Before the installation of the external thermal coat, the previous clinker was removed and sorted. Successively, a layer of plaster with a fiber-reinforced finish with mesh was created. At this point, the 14cm EPS and 60 and 30mm Aeropan coats will be installed.

After the installation of the external thermal coat, all the new resin “bricks” will be placed one by one.

The external insulation system

The thermal insulation of balconies, windowsills, and window sockets

To obtain the results required by the current regulations, the external thermal coat for the balconies was created with the use of 60mm Aeropan panels, with the aim of achieving the desired result without sacrificing too much living space on the inside of the building.

The window sockets and windowsills were insulated thanks to 30mm Aeropan panels.

The lower thickness of the Aeropan panels – with the high insulation capacity – allows to insulate all of those areas that, through the use of “traditional” materials, would entail a great loss of living space.

The thermal insulation of the roof of the porches

To improve the living comfort of the apartments and offices located above the porches we decided to insulate their roof, through the creation of an external insulation coat with 60mm Aeropan panels. Thanks to this reduced thickness, we will not “sacrifice” the windows of the offices, which are directly close to the ceiling.