Aeropan in Luino

Important projects of extraordinary maintenance are being carried out in a building which enjoys a beautiful view on the Lago Maggiore in Luino (VA). Aeropan has been chosen to guarantee the thermal insulation of the balconies and the lodges. Minimum space, maximal insulation.

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The main character of this referral is a building located in Luino which directly overlooks the Lago Maggiore.

“The building is located in the “landscape museum” – as the Architect Andrea Sbernini, who designed the project, from the AS Architetture studio explained us -.

The area in which the building is located has been, over the last few years, subject to important and significant redevelopment projects: the lakeside park, the completion of the lakeside promenade towards Piazza Libertà, the renovation of Palazzo Verbania, which was then transformed into a museum”.

The building

The building is known as “Palazzo Baldioli”, due to the historical family bus system which had (and still has, in a reduced way) its deposit in the “shed” at the back of the building.

Built in 1965 by the engineer Giuseppe Norisi, the building is characterized by its peculiar “circular segment” shape and comprises 6 floors above the ground, a deposit floor in the attic and cellars in the basement.

Even if it is mainly used for residential purposes, the ground floor has always been used for commercial activities, due to the big windows that directly overlook the sidewalk, along the northern side of the building.

“The building – as the architect Sbernini guaranteed to us – is undergoing measures of extraordinary maintenance and energy redevelopment approved by the “Autorizzazione Paesaggistica Semplificata” n. 123/2021 released on 29/09/2021 and authorized by the CILA-Superbonus prot. n. 31327 released on 29/10/2021”.

The thermal insulation of the balconies and the lodges

The extraordinary maintenance and energy redevelopment project – as the planner explained – involves the makeover of the facades of the building, the creation of an insulation system, the replacement of the double system of white and wood-like joinery with dark grey wood-aluminum joinery, the installation of a photovoltaic system with the power of 20 KW on the roof and a heat pump in the basement room of the building”.

On the northern side, the surfaces of the string course will be removed and treated with a water resistant finish. In correspondence of the surfaces covered by the yellow tiles (which will be removed) we will apply a low thickness insulating coat with 40mm Aeropan panels. “In this way – as the architect Sbernini underlined – the insulating coat will not protrude from the current space of the façade. The surfaces will be then covered with new grey tiles laid out in a mosaic style”.

The thermal insulation of the balconies and lodges

We are proceeding with the application of a low thickness external insulating coat by using 40mm Aeropan panels on the southern internal façade too, to avoid sacrificing the important living space of the small balconies.

To obtain the results required by the current regulations we decided to create an insulating coat for the lodges by using 70mm Aeropan panels with the aim of achieving the desired result without sacrificing too much living space.
The balconies were insulated thanks to 10mm Amagel A2 panels.
Aeropan, with its ability to guarantee the highest level of thermal insulation in the least possible space, allowed us to intervene in those spaces that would have been impossible to insulate with thick traditional materials.

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