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A new life for Zara’s municipal market hall in Milan

Once obsolete and neglected, this modern and polyfunctional structure will provide both traditional market activities and the sale of food and beverages.
Aeropan was chosen for the improvement of the thermal insulation.

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Zara’s Municipal Market Hall, located in Piazzale Lagosta in Milan, has always been a symbol of the commercial and social life of the neighborhood. A neighborhood now bustling with life due to the recent construction of skyscrapers in the adjacent neighborhoods of Porta Garibaldi and the Varesine.

It is also a symbol loved by the locals and, in an area characterized by an almost total redevelopment, it could not be left at the mercy of the weather and time.

In the summer of 2019, the project for the structural recovery of the building for the internal activities of the market was officially submitted.

The project, as is easy to imagine, was significantly delayed due to the Covid 19 emergency and the opening is scheduled – as confirmed by Bruno Mazzolei, Serim’s president who, through his subsidiary Mediolana, will be the sole manager of the structure for the next 25 years – for the first days of November.

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Zara’s new Market Hall

The total recovery project will lead to the total redevelopment of the internal activities of the market. In fact, the final result will be a new polyfunctional structure, capable of pairing normal market activities with the sale and transformation of food and beverages. Furthermore, new internal and external spaces for cultural, training and information activities concerning themes like food, food culture and health will be created in order to promote social gatherings and to involve all the citizens.

Specifically, the 900 square meters of Zara’s market (600 indoor and 300 external) will host 11 independent spaces, dedicated to both seafood and meat lovers. There will be plenty of spaces for a modern cheese maker or the best traditional “salumeria”, in addition to a rotisserie with ready meals, an ice-cream and pastry shop, a pizzeria with a bakery and a classic Italian bar for a coffee or an aperitif. There will also be areas dedicated to craft beers and fresh pasta.

The improvement of the thermal insulation

The agreement between Serim and the Municipality of Milan for the management of Zara’s Market Hall included that Serim should be responsible for the total redevelopment of the building. Damiano Ferrari’s Impresa Ferrari, located in Bergamo, was chosen for the recovery project, which also involved the improvement of the thermal insulation and modernization of the building.

The two main facades, which, unlike the long side walls, do not have large windows, were insulated thanks to the installation of 40mm Aeropan panels. The existing structure did not permit the installation of “traditional” insulation materials and required an insulation panel which, in the least possible space, could be able to guarantee over time the performances required by the current regulations.

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