Aeroproof and Aeropan in Mantova

The improvement of the thermal insulation of an independent villa was guaranteed by Aeroproof and Aeropan


The waterproofing and the insulation with Aeroproof and Aeropan

We are in the suburbs of Mantova. The neighborhoods in this area are surrounded by nature and the houses are mostly independent villas.

The protagonist of this article is an independent villa with a private garden too.

The building, which dates back to the 1970s, needed a great thermal improvement of the roof and all the external walls.

In order to avoid any changes in the external structure, the surveyor Luigi Graffigna from Edilgraffigna, located in Mantova, chose Aeropan for the external insulation coat.

Aeroproof was chosen for the insulation of the roof: the high-performance Aerogel insulation panel paired with a bituminous membrane.

The practicality of the installation of the Aeropan and Aeroproof panels has allowed the owners to keep living in the house during the entire project.


The thermal insulation of the roof

As already mentioned, Aeroproof was chosen for the thermal insulation of the roof.

Thanks to the Aerogel insulation panel paired with a bituminous membrane, the panel is perfect for the waterproofing of all the types of flat and pitched roofs.

Moreover, the structure of the panel guarantees an optimal thermal insulation, excellent compressive strength, dimensional stability and a first waterproof layer.

The Aeroproof panels, for a total of 180 mq, were installed to the roof by gluing. After finishing the installation, by the flame tempering of the underlying sheath, the waterproofing was completed through the application of one or more layers of bituminous membrane.

The external insulation system

Let’s talk about the thermal insulation of the external walls.

The perfect solution was, from the very beginning, the creation of an external insulation system to allow all the walls involved to obtain the correct thermal insulation.

To avoid having to reposition the balconies and the blinds, a total of 230 mq of 10mm Aeropan panels were installed.

The quickness of the installation of the Aeropan panels and their maneuverability has permitted creating the entire insulation systems in just a few days, without significantly affecting the life of the owners who continued living in the house during the project.