Aeroproof in Monteriggioni (SI)

Aeroproof in Monteriggioni: the insulation panel, made of Aerogel paired with a bituminous membrane, was chosen for the recovery of a roof in the historical center of the famous Senese village.


The redevelopment of the roof

Monteriggioni, in the province of Siena, is a medieval jewel perched on the top of a hill surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. A true masterpiece protected by its medieval walls and its inhabitants, who carefully look after every detail.
Here you can breathe history in every corner and the Monteriggioni Medieval festival – which takes place in July – exalts its splendor.

Why are we talking about this festival? Aside from wanting to give more relevance to such an incredible event, we mention it because it was one of the main reasons that led to the use of Aeropan for the redevelopment of the roof of a private house in the center of Monteriggioni.

Due to the importance of this event, which attracts thousands of people every year, the municipal administration decided that no scaffolding or obstruction to the passage of visitors must be present in Monteriggioni during the medieval festival.

The redevelopment of the roof

The recovery project for the roof of the private house, designed by the Studio Tecnico Guerini located in Siena, has succeeded in preserving the historical features of the building while still significantly improving the thermal insulation and, consequently, its living comfort.
Two main binding conditions – aside from the best technical and performance characteristics of the material – determined the choice of the most suitable insulation product: the definitely reduced spaces for the installation of the material and the necessity to complete the project as quickly as possible, before the beginning of the medieval festival in Monteriggioni.

The design studio, in agreement with the client and thanks to the technical support from the INN.MAT Snc agency located in Firenze, which operates on the Umbrian-Tuscan territory, has decided to use the Aeroproof panel for the thermal insulation of the roof.

The installation of Aeroproof

Using Aeroproof, a high-performance insulating panel made of a nano-technological insulator containing Aerogel paired with a bituminous membrane, has allowed to reach the thermal insulation parameters required by the law with a thickness of 30 mm and to save time in the process of installation.

Aeroproof proved to be perfect for the waterproofing of every type of flat or pitched roof.

The Aeroproof panels, for a total of 60 mq, were installed on the roof by gluing by the Ooros Nico Sas agency located in Sovicille (SI) in a quick and uncomplicated way. After finishing the installation, by the flame tempering of the underlying sheath, the waterproofing was completed through the application of one or more layers of bituminous membrane.

Finally, they placed on the roof all the tiles that had been removed before the beginning of the redevelopment project.