Amagel A2 in Sassuolo

We are in Sassuolo, in the province of Modena. A penthouse that clearly lacks a system of thermal insulation. Thanks to Amagel A2 we improved the thermal insulation without sacrificing living space inside the apartment.

Amagel A2 a Sassuolo5
Amagel A2 a Sassuolo1
Amagel A2 a Sassuolo7

The internal insulation coat with dry system

The penthouse this article focuses on is located in Sassuolo, among the first hills of Modena. We are talking about a quite small apartment with evident shortcomings of thermal insulation.
The Sofit Srl’s technicians, located in Casalgrande (RE), decided to improve the thermal insulation with a dry system. Amagel A2 was chosen for the insulation inside the system due to its reduced dimensions and its high insulating power.
The apartment was successfully insulated without reducing the internal living space.
The thermal requalification project has affected both the external walls of the apartment and the ceiling. In total, we installed 160 mq of 20mm Amagel A2 panels.

The internal insulation coat with dry system

As already mentioned, the internal coat with dry system was created on the external walls and the ceiling. The Sofit technicians, after installing the metallic truss and inserting the plant engineering grids, have installed the Amagel A2 panels. Successively, the structure was covered with fiber-reinforced slabs.
Amagel A2 was chosen for two main key-features: the thickness of the insulation panel and the thermal conductivity of 0,015 W/mK.
Thanks to this solution, in fact, we improved the thermal insulation without having to sacrifice important internal living space.

The use of Amagel A2

AMAGEL A2, available in thicknesses of 3, 6 or 10 mm, permits optimizing interior spaces in building applications for commercial and residential buildings, providing the very highest values of heat resistance – thickness being equal – compared to traditional insulation materials.
Its use permits obtaining important results in complex situations, like the insulation of windows or parts of the roof. Amagel A2 is the optimal coating to achieve the highest energetic performance in the construction of dry walls, under floors, roofs, mock frames, and window frames.
Unlike rigid and preformed insulation materials, Amagel A2 perfectly adapts to any shape or design.
Its specific composition also guarantees the best fire-resistance performances (Euroclass A2). This feature permits the installation in very heavy-duty conditions.

Amagel A2 a Sassuolo3
Amagel A2 a Sassuolo4
Amagel A2 a Sassuolo2