Amagel A2 in Vercelli

Installing the Amagel A2 panels, in Borgosesia in the province of Vercelli, has permitted achieving the highest thermal insulation without having to affect the aesthetics of the building – a fundamental aspect of a newly-built villa designed with the aim of a great visual impact in mind.


The energetic efficiency

We are in Borgosesia, in the province of Vercelli, and the protagonist of the project is a private estate with strong visual aesthetic features.
The exterior of the estate is characterized by the presence of stone: both in the arches that create the patio surrounding the building, and in the external walls made of exposed stone, placed by hand by the construction artisans of the Bellotti Cristian company located in Rimella.
The structure of the private estate was created with 30 cm Poroton bricks, and the insulation system was installed in cavities with polyurethane foam.
In some areas, due to some changes during the project with regard to the installation of new sliding doors and windows, it was not possible to maintain a uniform thickness of the insulation system as initially planned.
To avoid the creation of thermal bridges, and the consequent problems with mold and humidity, the project designer – the architect Fabrizio Zamponi – and the thermal technician – the engineer Flavio Pastorelli – decided to use the 30 mm Amagel A2 panels.

The installation of Amagel A2

The panel was glued directly on the wall and, successively, covered with the finish layer of stones just like the rest of the building.
Thanks to its hydrophobicity and resistance against water and humidity, the panel was applied on the ground level of the structure itself, without creating possible risks for the dimensional safety and the medium and long-term thermal performance of the panels.
In this way, we were able to protect the internal and external living spaces and, most importantly, we did not have to employ unaesthetic external elements that would have inevitably affected the linearity and the original design of the structure.