Thermogel Paint in Amalfi

We are in Amalfi where, on the beautiful Marina Grande beach, the blue roof of the homonymous restaurant stands out. Thermogel Metal is the protagonist of an important modernization project.


The recovery of the covered terrace

The restaurant Marina Grande was opened in Amalfi, the pearl of the Costiera Amalfitana, in the late 50s. This restaurant overlooks the sea, which surrounds Amalfi’s historical center and characterizes this piece of paradise with its bright sea blue covered terrace.

And here, on this marvelous seafront, the important modernization project with Thermogel Metal will take place.

The recovery of the covered terrace

In Marina Grande, due to the necessity of refreshing the, now faded, blue of the covered terrace, they also decided to improve its thermal insulation for the wellness of the customers of the restaurant.
Thanks to the technical solutions offered by the Tetto Corporation, located in Agerola (Sa), the owner of the Marina Grande decided to use the Aeropan products of the Thermogel Paint line.
More precisely, they used Thermogel Metal.
Thermogel Metal is an anti-corrosion, heat-insulating and heat-reflecting, water-based acrylic enamel applied directly on the metal.

The product, which does not contain glass or ceramic microspheres, is also elastomeric, water repellent and anti-algae. Basically, it is ideal for the thermal insulation of all the metallic surfaces affected by peculiar environmental circumstances, like the direct exposure to sunlight.

Thermogel Paint as a solution for the summer heat

Reducing the internal temperature by one degree means reducing the energy consumption from 8 to 10% and avoiding, every year, the emission of 470kg of CO2 in the atmosphere. With Thermogel Paint (both on the inside and on the outside) the reflection of the thermal radiation allows the support not to overheat. This way, the external heat will not be transmitted inside the building during summer.

Where to apply Thermogel Paint?

Due to the reflective nature of the light, the Thermogel Paint varnishes can be applied on all the surfaces through which the high temperatures and the solar radiation are conveyed inside the building. Moreover, they can be used on aged bituminous membranes, external walls, concrete prefabricated, elements in plastic or glass material, and internal walls.

Thermogel Metal

Thermogel Metal is an enamel, made of Aerogel and other precious nanotechnological components, ideal for the thermal insulation of metallic surfaces affected by direct sunlight.
The enamel is, therefore, the most advanced product to improve the internal comfort of very sunny sheds. Through this product we can solve all the issues connected to the stocking of cereals, flours and other products stored inside silos exposed to sunlight. Thermogel Metal, indeed, can be applied in all the industrial structures – both for the production and stocking of products – to contribute to the improvement of the temperature issues inside the buildings.

How to use Thermogel Metal

If Thermogel Metal has to be applied on iron, always make sure that the surface is dry and magnet-free. If the base (iron, copper, galvanized sheets, and steel) is new it must be dried, dusted and cleaned. In the case of already painted bases (sandwich panel or prepainted sheet) the old paint must be removed through the appropriate method. In the presence of dirt or mold, the wall must be washed with Thermogel Germosol and Thermogel Germofix must be applied to prepare an ideal preparation state on the base.