Aeropan VP in Luino (VA)

The thermal insulation of a building, which dates back to the early ‘900, with a spectacular view on Lake Maggiore was improved thanks to Aeropan VP


Built at the beginning of the ‘900 – and part of a small unit known as “Scésc” – the building subject to the redevelopment project is located in the hilly area of Luino (VA). With a privileged and magnificent view on Lake Maggiore.

The building is located between a street towards the mountain and a garden to the valley. In the garden, the “heart” of the old Scésc unit, overlooks an ancient washhouse, which was restored a few years ago. The washhouse was the meeting point of the small community, which, during the early twentieth century, gathered here to do the laundry and pass the time.

The presence of these two “fixed” borders and the shape of the very long and narrow terraces overlooking the lake, led the architect Andrea Sbernini, from the AS Architetture Studio, to find a solution that would allow the facades of the building to be energetically redeveloped by occupying as little space as possible.


The energy redevelopment of the building

For this reason – as the architect Sbernini explained – we decided to use the Aeropan VP-R vacuum-sealed panels with a thickness of 26 mm for the external thermal insulation.”

The vaccum-sealed Aeropan® VP panels have been created to obtain the best thermal insulation performances and are able to guarantee unparalleled performances in various application domains. They can be used for applications in a temperature range between -70°C and +80°C.

Aeropan® VP’s performances are all achieved thanks its nanotechnological Aerogel core; the nanopores drastically reduce the transmission of energy and, consequently, the thermal conductibility by contact is reduced to the minimum.

The core of Aeropan® VP is heat-sealed in a vacuum-sealed metallized multilayer film. The incredibly low internal pressure and the core of the microporous panel allow us to reach extremely low values of thermal conductibility.

Aeropan® VP enables a reduction of the thickness up to 10 times compared to traditional insulation products while still maintaining the same insulating properties in terms of thermal transmittance.

“In addition to the external thermal insulation – the architect Sbernini underlined – we insulated the roof, installed a photovoltaic system, substituted the heat generators, windows and shutters. This project allowed us to improve the energetic class of the building by at least 2 classes and have access to the Superbonus 110%. With this redevelopment project – the designer added – we improved the quality of the living internal spaces, reduced the energy consumption, and guaranteed a bright future for this building, already ultra-centenarian.