Aeropan VP

Aeropan® VP, the evolution of vacuum-sealed siliceous Aerogel products.
Developed with the aim of guaranteeing the highest level of thermal insulation, this product has a high technological content and is the result of advanced productive procedures.
The extremely high insulating properties ensure unmatched performances, allowing us to achieve the highest levels of insulation in various applications in construction and industrial domains and, more in general, wherever traditional insulation products may have application limits.


The Aeropan® VP panels have been used to obtain the best thermal insulation performances, thanks to the extraordinary insulant qualities of the Aerogel core, and are able to guarantee unparalleled performances in various application domains. They can be used for applications in a temperature range between -70°C and +80°C.
Aeropan® VP’s performances are all achieved thanks its nanotechnological Aerogel core; the nanopores drastically reduce the transmission of energy and, consequently, the thermal conductibility by contact is reduced to the minimum.
The addition of specific and selected mattifying products helps minimizing the emission of infrared radiations.

Aeropan® VP is then transformed in a vacuum-sealed panel, hence avoiding any thermal transmission by convection.
The core of Aeropan® VP is heat-sealed in a vacuum-sealed metallized multilayer film. The incredibly low internal pressure and the core of the microporous panel allow us to reach extremely low values of thermal conductibility.
Aeropan® VP enables a reduction of the thickness up to 10 times compared to traditional insulation products while still maintaining the same insulating properties in terms of thermal transmittance.

The Aeropan® VP panel is available in 2 different versions

Aeropan VP a naked panel, suitable for applications in cavities and where a dry finishing is needed
Aeropan VP-R a double coated panel with a 3 mm cement slab for applications in which a direct finishing is needed or when a higher resistance to impact and superficial abrasion are required.

Precaution for use

The Aeropan® VP metallized plastic multilayered film must not be damaged by holes, cuts, milling or riveting; in these cases, the internal pressure of the panel will rise, and its special properties will be compromised.


  • Aerogel core for high performances
  • minimal thermal conductibility of 0,0045 W/mK
  • higher energetic saving and, consequently, economic saving
  • reduction of the thickness: from 5 up to 10 times thinner compared to a traditional product
  • higher dimensional stability
  • minimal loss of the living spaces
  • reduction of the waste and higher level of living comfort
  • maximal fire resistance for a safer use
  • Aerogel core made of recycled raw materials and completely recyclable


Aeropan: minimum space, maximal insulation. The complete line of Aeropan-based insulation products is able to achieve the highest level of insulation, maintaining it over time, in the least possible space.


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