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Ama Group is made up 16 production facilities, 15 distribution subsidiaries and 4 commercial offices which operate in synergy for a range of over 525,000 references.
The AMA International Group grew up around AMA spa, which was set up in 1967 by Luciano Malavolti (who is still group president) to ensure the availability of accessories and spare parts for farming and gardening machinery.

AMA includes AMA ADVANCED MATERIALS, belonging to the AMA COMPOSITES division – based in San Martino in Rio (RE) – design, structuring and development for the Building & Construction sector. To better comply with increasingly more stringent regulations in the field of sustainable development and home-living well-being, AMA ADVANCED MATERIALS has designed a range of products with one-of-a-kind and innovative technical-performance characteristics.
Besides the line of nano-technological insulating products in Aerogel – in rolls or panels – AMA ADVANCED MATERIALS has extended its range of B&C solutions with the THERMOGEL PAINT paint line.
These are heat-reflecting paints containing Aerogel and other top-quality nano-technological components, without the use of glass or ceramic micro-spheres, which block the dispersion of energy through walls, drastically reducing thermal bridges and preventing any mould/mildew without using chemical additives.

AMA ADVANCED MATERIAL division also offers ISOCLIP®, the porcelain stoneware exterior covering. Customized aesthetics and insulation.
The new ISOCLIP® system is the ideal solution for the thermal insulation of an external external insulation façade combined with porcelain stoneware.
By combining the qualities of the ceramic material with an innovative application system, ISOCLIP® guarantees high performance, maximum versatility and total creative freedom.
ISOCLIP® is a system composed of an insulating material covering on which a porcelain stoneware tile is inserted.
In a single panel – ready to use – the beauty of the external walls is guaranteed, together with the thermo-acoustic insulation, thanks to the installation of the slabs with the desired look

Aeropan: minimum space, maximal insulation. The complete line of Aeropan-based insulation products is able to achieve the highest level of insulation, maintaining it over time, in the least possible space.


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