Minimum Space, maximum thermal insulation
Class A+ for VOC emissions
CE marking
Certified performance

The evolution of the species of insulant products made to Aerogel

Aerogel-based insulating products have demonstrated – and guaranteed – the maintenance of thermal insulation performances even under significant mechanical stress. This allows you to use the material in conditions of permanent and/or dynamic loads in absolute safety.

Aerogel-based insulant products

Aeropan® Minimal space. Maximum insulation

Aeropan® is a panel, made to Aerogel, designed for thermal insulation of those building structures that require the highest degree of insulation in the smallest possible space.

Amagel A2 The evolution of the species of insulant products made of Aerogel

AMAGEL A2® represents a new major step in the development of silica Aerogel-based nano-technological insulating products.

Some of our references

Aeropan: minimum space, maximal insulation. The complete line of Aeropan-based insulation products is able to achieve the highest level of insulation, maintaining it over time, in the least possible space.


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