Aeropan Fix

The revolutionary AEROPAN FIX fixing system, currently patent pending, offers an advanced solution to securely and permanently attach our AEROPAN VP panels to any type of support.
The inability to use traditional fixing systems, in order to avoid dangerous holes in the vacuum-sealed panels and, thus, guarantee the outstanding certified performance, has pushed the AMA ADVANCED MATERIALS department to design a plastic fixing system.
This system, easy to install and extremely versatile, guarantees an excellent mechanical sealing to preserve the long-term adhesion to the support. The system is made of a double nylon disk with sealing ties running through it.
The first disk has to be fixed to the existing support through the adequate dowels, with 5 holes arranged radially. The second disk guarantees the tear resistance, by tightly anchoring itself to the sealing ties inserted in the support disk.

The ties, 1mm thick, minimize the joints between the panels, guaranteeing an outstanding mechanical tear resistance when combined with the external fixing disk.
After placing the fixing disk, the exceeding parts of the ties can be cut flush with the disk.
With the possibility of installing 4 ties, the AEROPAN FIX System offers maximum flexibility in terms of use, adapting perfectly to the specific requirements of installation area. An innovative solution to guarantee the safe and reliable installation of the AEROPAN VP panels.


Preparing the surface

Before the installation, it is necessary to treat the wall surface with an adequate primer to guarantee a good adhesion; in any case the surface must be intact and free of uneven or sharp parts. In the case of irregular surfaces, proceed with an adequate shaving of the surface to guarantee a correct planarity.

Placing the starter profile

Tightly secure the starter profile to the wall using dowels.

Installing the AEROPAN VP-R panel

Apply a layer of adhesive on the panel through a 10mm notched trowel. Install the panel on the wall horizontally, starting from the starter profile.

Installing the AEROPAN FIX fixing system

Proceed with the installation of AEROPAN FIX starting from the vertical joint between the horizontally placed panels, inserting the right number of ties in the support disk and mechanically fastening the disk on the support using the adequate fixing dowels.

Successively, it is fundamental to proceed with the installation of the AEROPAN FIX fasteners at least in every T joint between one panel and the other.

Installing the successive panels

Proceed with the installation of the AEROPAN VP-R panels, staggering the joints and using all the available sizes of the panel.
Where it is necessary, close possible small areas by using Aerogel AEROPAN panels to avoid thermal bridges.

Leveling the surface

Using a straight edge, level the covered surface to guarantee the correct installation of the system and ease the following shaving procedure.

Closing the AEROPAN FIX fasteners

Insert the fastening disks of the AEROPAN FIX dowels, by carefully getting in adherence to the surface of the panel and cutting the exceeding part of the sealing ties with an adequate tool (cutter or angle grinder with a small disk).

Aeropan: minimum space, maximal insulation. The complete line of Aeropan-based insulation products is able to achieve the highest level of insulation, maintaining it over time, in the least possible space.


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